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Call for Papers: Going Global 2014

For Release Upon Receipt - Friday, September 20, 2013


You are invited to submit papers for ‘Going Global 2014’, the annual flagship conference of the British Council which brings together representatives of Higher Education Institutions (HEI) from around the world to share best practices, network and strategies about the future of Higher Education.  

Participation in Going Global 2014 (GG14) is in keeping with the outreach perspective of The UWI’s 2012-2017 Strategic Plan - particularly as it pertains to enhancing the global reach and impact of The UWI and supporting an internationalization agenda. The Going Global Conference takes place in Miami from April 29 to May 1, 2014. 

Conference Themes:




Tertiary education provides the essential foundations for talent development. Emerging economies see tertiary education as a route into the global innovation community and as a way to advance civil society. The pressure to expand provision and to build high quality capacity for teaching and learning is sometimes seen as a constraint on research and there is the conundrum of investment in innovation and inclusion when there are severe pressures on public funding and a limited supply of qualified teaching staff and researchers.

How can internationalisation of tertiary education help solve these problems and what new initiatives are emerging with the potential to provide mass education systems? How do these initiatives feed into the development of more socially and diverse talent pools?

What are the emerging challenges for international educators in forming new partnerships in this increasingly complex and globalised landscape? Are there models of good practice to share?

Global and national innovation systems are created through highly specialised research and expert talent. What do these systems look like? How do they work together nationally and globally and what does each element contribute?

Industry, universities and colleges are core components of national and global innovation systems - but how can the value of linkages between these be maximised to increase prosperity and growth? What do future supply and value chains look like?

How can skills and talent be developed in higher and vocational education to create the next generation of global innovators and entrepreneurs? How must the sector itself evolve to ensure its continuing relevance to national and global innovation systems?

Global flows of investment are increasingly shaping and driving research and development across the world but should nations co-operate or compete?


As the tertiary education sector becomes increasingly internationalised, stakeholders' expectations of what it can deliver are growing. Governments expect that institutions will deliver impact for national growth agendas, and contribute to societal change and 'soft power' agendas. An internationalised sector can have an impact on areas far beyond its traditional outputs of research and learning.

What impact does an internationalised tertiary education sector deliver for the different stakeholders with which it engages? How do they balance their own national and international ambitions with the increasing pressure to deliver impact for those of their stakeholders?

What are the new responsibilities of an internationally engaged sector at the local and global level? As institutions extend research and teaching delivery into host countries, do they have an obligation to preserve the local culture and language of that country?



The singular focus of this initiative would be on positioning UWI in the global landscape as an authority in small island state development and an ideal global partner.  The deadline is October 4, 2014. For more information, please visit:


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